The Project

Photographer/Author Roslyn Banish is documenting a wide range of abortion experiences from across the United States. She is seeking a diverse group of storytellers who have had abortions, who come from different circumstances. Additionally, the stories of a partner, a friend, a relative who was closely involved in the abortion experience are included.

My Decision Project provides a platform where these first-person nuanced narratives can be shared. They can engage and broaden understanding of the many issues surrounding abortion.  

It is crucial to tell the stories of individuals who are faced with deciding whether or not to have an abortion. These decisions are almost never simple. Too often the multiple factors affecting these decisions are untold.

For those who have experienced abortion, these stories can provide support, which can help mitigate the stigma and isolation that some individuals feel.

This portfolio of stories is going to be disseminated as widely as possible, through a published book, a traveling exhibition, and digital media.

My Decision Project can provide new insights into the abortion experience, leading to changed attitudes, new discussions and the possibility of civil conversation.

This is a current project of, a 501(c)(3), a not-for-profit.