Focus on Abortion: Americans Share Their Stories introduces the often-missing and most important voices in the abortion conversation: the voices of those who have experienced abortion.  

This project provides a platform for these voices to be heard.

Fifty individuals are featured. They have had an abortion or are close to the abortion experience, including partners, friends, relatives, counselors, and professionals who provide abortion care. Each person is represented by a photographic portrait and a first-person narrative.

The storytellers come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and generations. They live in urban, suburban and rural areas throughout America. Together they will provide a broad, complex and poignant picture of abortion in our country.

These nuanced stories have the potential to mitigate the profound stigma that surrounds abortion. Few people talk about their abortions so many will be surprised to learn that one out of four women in the US will have an abortion during their reproductive years.

These narratives touch on the complex circumstances leading up to the decision to end a pregnancy, the person's ability to access healthcare, and life after having had an abortion.

Most importantly, these stories have the potential to widen public understanding of abortion. We learned from the Civil Rights and Gay Rights movements that deep-seated beliefs can evolve once people give voice to their personal stories.

Individuals deserve the right to make their own decisions about their health and well-being, to decide if and when to have a child.

Focus on Abortion: Americans Share Their Stories will be disseminated widely through a published book, a traveling exhibition to community venues, and digital media.

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